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Mission Statement; to empower individual well being and promote cultural Diversity.

The 5 de Mayo Festival is the biggest celebration of Hispanic culture in the city, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the turnout we had last year. With 8.9k attendants, 41 vendors and food trucks, and a 50k social media reach, it's clear that our community is excited to come together and celebrate. We're proud to host a variety of events and attractions, from our lively parade to our talent show, and we're grateful for the support of our sponsors.

The Cultural Empowerment & Development Foundation's Mission is, " to empower individual well being and promote Cultural Diversity." Celebrating multicultural festivals is a vibrant expression of our diverse society, honoring the unique traditions, languages, and customs of various cultures. These festivals provide a platform for communities to come together, share their heritage, and promote understanding and unity among people from different backgrounds. Cultural diversity is a cornerstone of our society, enriching our lives with new perspectives, ideas, and experiences. Embracing diversity fosters inclusivity and mutual respect, creating a more tolerant and harmonious society.

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